Benzin -Unsere Jugend Ist Vorbei- 7" (Blue vinyl lim. 150)

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Benzin -Unsere Jugend Ist Vorbei- 7" (Blue vinyl lim. 150)

The band was founded in 1996 in Asch. The name was created after the band was prohibited by Mars Inc. USA by a lawsuit to retain the name Uncle Benz. After the old name had to be filed, the band members took under the name of Sternsurfer the official VfB football fan anthem Stuttgart is one on and were added to the band pool of the Pop Academy Baden-Württemberg. Shortly thereafter, the band changed to the new name Benzin.

Side A:

Unsere Jugend ist vorbei

Side B:

Hermann (Piano)

  • 50 on white vinyl (this)
  • 50 on yellow vinyl
  • 150 on blue vinyl
  • 10 promotion copies on black vinyl with b/w Cover
  • 10 Testpress Editions with alternative artwork