HARVEST BELL -Wheel Of Foretaste- 7" (ltd. 400)

HARVEST BELL -Wheel Of Foretaste- 7" (ltd. 400)

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HARVEST BELL -Wheel Of Foretaste- 7" (ltd. 400)

Psych-Doomrock from Finland


Harvest Bell are cultivators and refiners. In the fall of 2006 they joined forces to seek and find the most expressive, powerful and vital elements of rock music that flourished in the golden era some 30 to 40 years ago.

They have planted them in the fertile soil of today and made them grow. Of these elements Havest Bell constructed songs which became sort of ritualistic chants of catharsis. The songs try to lead the listener and performer alike through the stormy waves of anxiety, anger and estrangement to the dead-water of acceptance of one's own true nature - and they encourage you to collect the flotsam on the way.

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