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1st Press


clear vinyl (ltd. 70) H42 RECORDS EDITION

white (ltd. 100) US EDITION

red vinyl (ltd. 25) Only available with the Karma To Burn Bundle)

black vinyl (Distro Edition)

TRSTPRESS (ltd. 20)

2nd Press


GOLD vinyl (ltd. 50) HOTD EDITION w/OBI bumbered

grey (ltd. 100)

black vinyl (ltd. 100)

For most people the earliest enduring image engrained in their minds from instrumental luminaries Karma to Burn is that of a porcelain statue of a girl on a motorcycle. That was the iconic cover of the debut album released on Roadrunner Records in 1997.

The self-titled record featured singer Jason Jarosz was hired under pressure from the record but shortly thereafter, the band separated from singer to go fully instrumental.

However, before Roadrunner Records - Jason Jarosz was not the first singer for Karma to Burn. The band were pursuing vocals and ideas recorded songs with singer Jim Davison. The three tracks that were recorded in Kentucky and had long been a mystery whether or not they even existed. After 27 years in the vault of guitarist Will Mecum and original drummer Nathan Limbaugh they are finally published in full on the new B Sides and Rarities album Thee Rabbit Hole.

Before then in 1993 Karma to Burn recorded their first demo recordings in West Virginia with the original and classic line-up William Mecum, Nathan Limbaugh and Rich Mullins. The 4 tracks of the demo, which were released as demo tape in 1995, can now also be heard for the first time on vinyl on full on the new B Sides and Rarities album Thee Rabbit Hole.

The entire demo recordings from the early days of Karma to Burn have been remastered from the original masters and will be released on H42 Records in spring 2021. The original graphic designs have been updated and upgraded by long term collaborator Alexander von Wieding.

This release has been remastered by John McBain (Desert Sessions, Monster Magnet) and is presented as a deluxe gatefold sleeve with tarot card with three different color formats - white, clear and traditional black on heavyweight 12” vinyl!

Side A:

Demo recordings from 1993 - previously released on tape in 1995

01 Ten (remastered demo 2020)

02 One (remastered demo 2020)

03 Three (remastered demo 2020)

04 Six (remastered demo 2020)

Side B:

Demo vocal recordings from 1994 - previously unreleased

05Soylent Green Eyes(remastered demo 2020)

06 Twenty Three Hours (remastered demo 2020)

07 Evil Girls Still Cry (remastered demo 2020)