Lord Of Giant -Woman/Dust Demon- 7" (Black Vinyl ltd. 70)

Lord Of Giant -Woman/Dust Demon- 7" (Black Vinyl ltd. 70)



Lord Of Giant -Woman/Dust Demon- 7" (Black Vinyl ltd. 70)

Release June. 1st 2014

Limited to 70 copies on black vinyl. Lord of Giant is the new hope for Germany's 70s rock/stoner scene! When you are listening to that soulful voice inevitably artists like CLUTCH or KYLE THOMAS (EXHORDER) will come into your mind. Hot Shit from Germany: LORD OF GIANT is playing timeless rock music in a way that is definitely not retro but the real thing! Lord Of Giant rocks so refreshingly forward, that you reflexively turns the volume knob a little higher. Groovy classic rock with a dose of stoner and fuzz is announced. The new single was mastered by Grobschnitt's Eroc at Eroc Mastering Ranch. Responsible for the artwork is Christian Koch (mastermind of the Düsseldorf's psychedelic Rockers Vibravoid)!

- 20 DIE HARD Version on clear-red marbled 7" + whitelabel 7" and aditional cover
- 52 on clear-green marbled vinyl
- 70 on black vinyl
- 80 on clear-red marbled vinyl

Side A:
Side B:

Dust Demon