MOLIOR SUPERUM -As Time Slowly Passes By- LP (Black vinyl)

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MOLIOR SUPERUM -As Time Slowly Passes By- LP (Black vinyl)

Energetic music from Sweden, inspired by the heavy, dirty blues rock of the 70s, mixed with modern Stoner Rock!
After their great EP's 'Inconclusive Portrait' (2014) and 'Electric Escapism' (2015) things got a bit quieter around Molior Superum. Now after nearly 3 years of creative break, Molior Superum, like a phoenix from the ashes, come back with a big bang: their second longplayer, As Time Slowley Passes By ... "!

Side A

Mountain Prelude
Cold Winds
Sweet Oblivion
All Fötus Rostig

Side B

Divinity Blues

Through Valleys Of Wonder

Into The Grey

As Time Slowly Passes By

  • 100x White vinyl
  • 100x Clear/Black smokey vinyl
  • 100x Black Vinyl
  • 25x HOTD Edition with alternativ Artwork and exclusive Inlay on Clear/Black smokey vinyl