MOTHER OF GOD -Black Ocean- 7" black vinyl (ltd. 144)

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MOTHER OF GOD -Black Ocean- 7" black vinyl (ltd. 144)

"I find myself thinking back to when stoner rock was just that, classic feeling, completely uplifting and downright fucking Hooky."


"Those guys come from Sweden and are signed on one of the most famous Heavy Rock/Stoner label of this planet, but you'd be wrong to think immediately about another new Graveyard, Witchcraft or Dozer...No, MOTHER OF GOD has been wisely fed with Seattle's haunting and melancholic milk of the early 90's and UK's acidified milk of the 70's, a blend that is not so often used and even more rarely so marked but absolutely not incongruous at all if you think about it a little closer!"


total: 350 copies
- 50 on solid gold
- 50 on gold-black marbled
- 100 on dark blue
- 144 on ocean black