MOUNT ATLAS - Mistress - Black Vinyl 12"-vinyl

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MOUNT ATLAS - Mistress - Black Vinyl 12" LP

Mount Atlas' sbubbling sound of the Hammond ergan, their rough guitar riffs as well as the floating melodies will bring you back to the 70s and 80s. At the same time, they manage to maintain their individual sonority. They alternate between sperical sounds and heavy doom riffs, which sound as if played whilst wearing equally heavy leather jackets.

"...while most of the retro bands fades through misty forests, the Northern Lights of Mount Atlas deliever crispy riffs after riffs, as well as smacky Hammond sounds ... if you ike old heroes as well as honest rock and metal-workers like Spiritual Beggars or Grand Magnus, you should grab one..." (Ox-Magazine)

  • Black Vinyl with b-side 'roses' etching