RATTLESNAKE -Dirt In My Eyes/Picture Perfect- (Black vinyl lim. 150)

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Rattlesnake 'Dirt In My Eyes/Picture Perfect' 7"
H42 Records (H42-055)
In For The Kill Records (ITFK 006)

This is the outstanding debut 7" from Brooklyn, NY power trio RATTLESNAKE. A Band with an incredible sound inspired by the Classic American Sourthern Rock of the 70`s/80`s as well as NWOBHM, progressive rock, and good Ol' rock n roll boogie!
This 2-song offering is a majpr statement in the modern heavy rock underground. It's a welcome return to quality and memorable songwriting and razor-sharp musicianship that truly honors the tradition and ispiration from groups like BLACKFOOT, POINT BLACK, MOLLY HATCHET & WISHBORN ASH!

RATTLESNAKE features the soaring vocals and impeccable drumming of Adam Kriney from GOLDEN GRASS (Lisenable Records/Svart Records), and he catapults the tunes with uptempo energy, inspired musicality and killer drum fills! Guitarist and co-lrad vovalost JP Gilbert lays down timeless country/bluegrass inspired riffs and soulfully-yet-birning-hot solos that really drive the Southern-meets-NWOBHM influence home! And bassist and back-up singer Don Berger keeps the whole thing grooving with awesome melodic runs and inventive counter-melodies! Despite being an active band for less than a year, these boys have already mastered their sound and vision and their debut 7" will surely get your ass shaking.