STOKER -Gold- 12" (gold vinyl lim. 50)

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STOKER -Gold- 12" (gold vinyl lim. 50)

STOKER is a hard rock/alternative rock band from Cape Town consisting of 2 sets of brothers from two rural country towns in the Western Cape. The current line up was established in 2013 when Redge (lead guitar) and Morgan O'Kennedy (drums) joined Chris (vocals, rhythm guitar) and Jurgen Bornman (bass), the latter two having originally started as a 3-piece with drummer Joe Theron. While establishing themselves on the local live scene over the next year, the band recorded their debut EP Fox in a hole in 2014. After several single releases during 2016 they released their eponymous full length album in early 2017 to local critical acclaim. 2018 it is time to qonquere the world with the Stoker, the band that has been handed the flag of South African rock ...

The survivors, the underdogs and the saviors. With loud guitars, big drums, filthy bass and beautifully raw vocals Stoker have formed themselves to the only South African rock band portraying the life of Sex, drugs & rock'n roll

Side A:


Evil Shaker II

Forever Drive


Bloodstains Acoustic

  • 50x Gold Edition
  • 50x Clear Edition
  • 80x Black Edition
  • 20x Testpress Edition