The Bad Sugar Rush‎ -Liar / Push Me-  7"

The Bad Sugar Rush‎ -Liar / Push Me- 7"

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The Bad Sugar Rush‎ -Liar / Push Me- 7"

PRESALE April 23nd 2021/ RELEASE May 14th 2021

Summer has started early! Manned by a well-seasoned crew of four, the ice cream van has been fired up and will deliver The Bad Sugar Rush right to your door.

Their creamy vibes from the rock bottom to the (ZZ) top certainly do not leave the soul untouched and are not only dessert, but a three-course meal… and the cooks know how to use their spices! Perfectly blended to go down smooth, but then there’s that exciting “zing” in the aftertaste that makes you want more.

The Bad Sugar Rush’s rhythm section consisting of scene veteran Peter Zettl on drums and Minyeong Fischer on bass provide much more than only a meat-and-potatoes solid foundation for Josko Joke Tovics intricate guitar work. Sure, the guys often allow for the guitars to simply slap a big bunch of grated cheese over their perfectly-made lasagna. But that would be only half as great if there wasn’t some next-level interaction going on with intertwining bass, guitar and drum patterns showcasing a tightly knit unit who know what they’re doing and have something to say. Soaring above all that are the powerful vocals of René Hofmann, lending a definite soul feeling to the music while never losing their rock’n’roll edge – definitely a match made in heaven. Or in the devil’s kitchen, who knows…

Sometimes rocking hard, often souly and bluesy, and always grooving spot-on – here comes The Bad Sugar Rush straight to your head. Unmistakable late 60s, early 70s vibes with some fresh seasoning born from Darmstadt’s thriving underground music scene.


Side A: Liar

Side B: Push Me