Vault H42

From time to time we try to tidy up our Vault to have space for our coming releases. Of course we always put back some copies of the new releases. Check it out

Vvlva '13. WINTER' 7"-Single

With 13. WINTER, the german krautrock guintet VVLVA delievers a timeless rock epic song. The distinctive singing, sometimes dreamy, sometimes full of energy, is accompanied by a magical mixture between 1970s uptempo-hardrock and progressive-psychedelic elements.

PRESALE START: Nov. 13th 2020 RELEASE: Dec. 11th 2020

Whiskey & Knives Vol 4 12"-vinyl

Drummer Alfredo Hernandez has been in Whiskey & Knives the LA badasses have a rep for crankin' the pit into overdrive. With a sound that blends the best parts of Fu Manchu and Suicidal Tendancies, their live show is a must for any respectable punk. For Vol.4 Reeder and Alfredo Herndez played together for the first time since the KUYSS years - Sounds so powerful.

RELEASE: Oct. 2th 2020