DesertFest Vol. 6

"Unsuspected of the Corona crisis, H42 Records is still there for you and try to supply you with good and new music!"

The DESETFEST London was supposed to take place in May, but it is not foreseeable how if it can take place anyway. The plan was also to be in Camden, to make some live recordings for the 2021 edition of the vinyl series. Nevertheless, the 7"-vinyl with new music from AVON and WAXY for the 2020 Festival has been produced and is waiting for your turntable.

Amoriello Black Friday 2019

AMORIELLOs debut album re-release for the 2019 Black FRIDAY including new artwork with liner-notes, Bonus Demo-CD and exclusive angel-postacard, original lyric sheet. Limited to ONLY 99 copies.


SONS OF ALPHA CENTAURI - Buried Memories/Continuum- Tapes are dubbed in real-time- Pro-printed inlay- Hand-numbered- White 'Clamshell' double case- Sealed in anti-static hardware bag