Mös Generatör Gold

Mös Generatör -I've got room in my wagon- 12"-vinyl

Incl. the Hüsker Dü cover 'Diane' with the great Bent Saether from Motorpsycho on bass.

The other songs are what Tony Reed calls 'The plundering of the vaults'. “Flower & Song” is a live demo from 2017. The song is taken from the side project HeavyPink and was being re-recorded for the Shadowlands album but never made it past this demo. The other 2 songs, “Slow/Moody” & “Early Mourning (live at FREAK VALLEY FESTIVAL)”, were both previously issued on cassette only by H42 in the deluxe edition of a split 7” we did with Daily Thompson in 2015.

Amoriello Black Friday 2019

AMORIELLOs debut album re-release for the 2019 Black FRIDAY including new artwork with liner-notes, Bonus Demo-CD and exclusive angel-postacard, original lyric sheet. Limited to ONLY 99 copies.

Whiskey & Knives Vol 4 12"-vinyl

Whiskey and Knives "Vol. 4 - Live From De Nile" 12"-vinyl / PRESALE

The Whiskey Knives‘ Hidden Valley Reeder Ranch Dressing Sessions. Recorded live at the sanctuary Studio in Banning, California.

Drummer Alfredo Hernandez has been in so many ground breaking music projects over the years. His contribution to the desert rock scene is great and he is most always in several projects at one time. Alfredo may be best known for his work with first Kyuss….and then the band born from its ashes, Queens of the Stone Age. After a couple of decades playing not just stoner rock…but punk rock…his other passion…with Family Butcher, which featured John Summers on vocals and Jon Arnold on guitar along with Kevin Smith on bass…Alfredo and Jon Arnold have pushed forward with a new punk inspired project, Whiskey & Knives These LA badasses have a rep for crankin' the pit into overdrive. With a sound that blends the best parts of Fu Manchu and Suicidal Tendancies, their live show is a must for any respectable punk. For Vol.4 Reeder and Herndez played together for the first time since the KUYSS years - Sounds so powerful.