DAAL DAZED -Daal Dazed- 12" black vinyl - signed Edition

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DAAL DAZED -Daal Dazed- 12" black vinyl signed Edition

DAAL DAZED announced their debut release, a self-titled 3-song 12” EP! It’s a raw and bluesy hard rocker featuring bottleneck guitars and a percussion heavy rhythm section.

Invisible Prison starts out as a smooth opener before climaxing into an organ-driven, heavy finale. Freedom combines funky drumming with Hendrix-esque guitars & vocal delivery! And lastly, Angel Babe closes the EP with a bang!

The music of DAAL DAZED is inspired and driven by heavyweights of blues rock of the 70s, like Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. The sound is raw and loud, without getting lost in details. It's clear where the journey is going. Unadulterated raw Blues Rock, with all corners and edges. Raw Music. Primitively beautiful. Do not worry, be heavy!


01 Invisible Prison

02 Freedom

03 Angel Babe