SHIVAS NAT -Gimme Your/Lovebug- 7" (green Vinyl lim. 50)

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SHIVAS NAT -Gimme Your/Lovebug- 7" (green Vinyl lim. 50 - Die HARD edition)

Release Nov. 9th 2014

New year, new music. Wight give us new tunes in form of ATLAS!
The song is supposed to reflect the grey winter in Germany , as well as the topic of the titan "Atlas" our typically German mentality. Foreign people come and we are afraid of change and get angry with oracles / media, which is why we like to react very reserved. We whine a lot although 80% of our problems are complete luxury problems. We do not know hunger!

Limited Edition of Total 300 Copies
Lim 50 on Green Vinyl with different colored Artwork (Die Hard Edition) (THIS)
Lim 50 on White Vinyl
Lim 100 on Clear Vinyl
Lim 100 on Black Vinyl

Side A:
Gimme Your
Side B: